The Advantages Of Using Proform

  • Reduces labour costs

  • Saves time and money

  • Robust and tough

  • Lightweight

  • Faster pouring and set up times

  • Large areas can be poured in one

  • Readily available

  • No removal of road forms

  • No cleaning of road forms

  • No damaging of road forms

  • No hire of road forms

  • No need for road forms!

  • Integral expansion joint/ crack inducer

  • Available in 3 metre beams

  • One person can install

  • No need for fibre board

  • Easy to use and join

  • Top strip is removable if required for sealant to be use

  • Easy to seal concrete sections using much less sealant that traditional methods

  • No saw cutting in concrete

  • Can be used with roller strikers, vibrating tamps, or even timber

  • Adaptable for different depth of slab

  • Makes large pours in to workable size slabs

  • Can be used over existing concrete if required

  • Can be used as just a form

  • Can be used as just a crack inducer

  • No need for timber

Technical Pours

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