Proform Concrete are based in and around East Sussex, UK.


Proform 100 & Proform 137

Proform Concrete Screed Rails, Crack inducers, Expansion Joints  are available direct from Proform Concrete Ltd, a minimum order of 2000 metres is required to buy direct.

We are currently looking for distributers. If you are interested in stocking Proform Concrete Screed Rails please contact us

For quantities less than 2000 metres please use one of our approved suppliers. Proform screed rail comes in 3m lengths and is available from £6 per metre for Proform 100 and £6.50 per metre for Proform 137.

Proform screed rail is now available in 2 sizes. Proform 100 is suitable for slabs of a thickness of 100mm to 175mm. Proform 137 is suitable for slabs of a thickness 137mm to 225mm. Since designing the original Proform screed rail product we have made a number of design improvements. The top rail is now much more robust and totally secure when the concrete has cured. We have added additional scribe lines for the drilling holes for dowel bars suitable for concrete slabs at depth of 100mm 150mm and 200mm. If you need to remove the top rail after curing please contact us.




Reduces labour costs | Saves time and money | No Roadforms Required

Can be used with dowel bars and mesh Integral | expansion joint/ crack inducer

Dowel Bar Under Form

With the mesh supported by mesh ‘chairs’ it is possible to wire tie the dowel bars to the mesh.

Using this system will save time as holes do not need to be drilled in the forms.

Dowel Bar Through Proform

Dowel can be placed through the proform screed rail if required.


We have provided a scribe line for a drilling in the form 66mm below the top surface.

Dowel Bar in Haunching

Dowel can be placed under the proform screed rail through the concrete haunching.


The best time to do this is before the haunching has hardened.

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