Can Proform support a roller striker?

-Yes - It was designed for it, but it also works well with a vibrating tamp or even a length of timber.

How will Proform screed rail save me money?

We believe it will save you money, time and labour costs.
You just lay it at the correct levels and distances and you can :
Pour huge concrete slabs in one go.
No need to hire road forms.
No need to strike road forms.
No need to clean road forms.
No need for fibre board.

Is it easy to join the lengths of Proform Screed rail together?

Yes - just stagger the top and bottom sections for seamless joints.

What thickness of slabs is Proform Screed Rail suitable for?

It comes in 1 size which is suitable for slabs from 100mm to 175mm can even be use up to depth of 200mm and every size between, just change the depth of bedding material to suite.

How do you lay Proform?

Proform can be bedded on concrete, sand and cement screed or a pug mix.

Can Proform screed rail be used as just a crack inducer?

Yes - just lay upright in bottom of slab and concrete over and it will induce a crack were required (see spacing guidelines).

Can Profrom Screed Rail be used with Del bars?

Yes just push the Del bars through the bedding material at the required height.

How many sizes is Proform available in?

Proform is available in one size only, 3000mm long. It can be easily cut to length using a normal hand saw.

How often does a concrete slab need to have expansion joints and what are the spacing guide lines?

It depends on many factors, but as a general rule slab expansion joints should be of approximately 30 times the slab thickness. So, for a 100mm thick slab, there should be some form of joint every 100mm × 30 = 3m.

I would like to become a supplier of Proform Screed rail what do I do next?

Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is an urgent request please feel free to call us on either our office number 01892 654484 or mobile 07789372352

Is there someone I can call for technical advice?

Yes - just call 07789372352 and speak to Alvar.

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