Proform 100 - making complex jobs easy Proform 100 - get your levels right first time every time Proform 100 - with fixed or removable top wearing strips Proform 100 - Perfect for DIY Jobs Proform 100 - easy to use with dowel bars Proform - for heavy industrial areas Proform - for use with underfloor heating Proform cocncrete ramps made easy
Advantages of Proform
Reduces labour costs
Saves time and money
No Roadforms Required
Can be used with dowel bars and mesh
expansion joint/ crack inducer
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Derby & Nottingham Area
South East Area
The North West - The Isle of Man

Concrete Road and Stable Area

Coppard Civil Engineering Contractors decided to use the Proform Concrete Screed Rails on this job as it gave considerable benefits on the job.
Once the ground works were completed the team turned up on day 1 to lay 220m of the Proform Screed Rail. A point of note here the screed rails were able to be carried to site on the transit that the team travelled so that was the first saving on the hire, delivery and collection and cleaning of 72 Road-forms that would have been needed for this job.
Although the Proform Screed Rails are essentially rigid by using a small gap between the lengths the forms can be used to provide a curve in the road using the flex in the top wearing rail.
Proform Screed Rail allows for adjoining bays to be poured one after another. Completing the concrete pour in one day reduces the cost of labour, equipment hire charges e.g. concrete pump, roller striker, poker vibrator and return transport charges to the site.
Proform Screed Rail allows for the levels to be set so you will have an accurate and predictable job every time.