Proform 100 - making complex jobs easy Proform 100 - get your levels right first time every time Proform 100 - with fixed or removable top wearing strips Proform 100 - Perfect for DIY Jobs Proform 100 - easy to use with dowel bars Proform - for heavy industrial areas Proform - for use with underfloor heating Proform cocncrete ramps made easy
Advantages of Proform
Reduces labour costs
Saves time and money
No Roadforms Required
Can be used with dowel bars and mesh
expansion joint/ crack inducer
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Concrete Slab for Caravan Park

These images show the laying of a concrete slab which is to be used for a caravan hard standing. Once the Proform screed rail was laid (Day 1), the concrete was pumped on to the job (Day 2). This required minimum labour for the complete job to be completed in just a few hours. The Proform screed rail allows for adjoining concrete slabs to be poured on after another without having to wait for the concrete to cure.