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Reduces labour costs
Saves time and money
No Roadforms Required
Can be used with dowel bars and mesh
expansion joint/ crack inducer
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Concrete Raft - 450mm

This set of images shows the construction of 450mm slab of reinforced concrete. Due to time restrictions and in the interest of cost saving a reinforced concrete raft was created instead of the traditional ring beam construction. The engineer specified using a twin layer of A393 steel mesh suspended off the base of the slab and a second twin layer of A393 steel reinforcing mesh approximately 75mm below the finished surface of the slab. Although this method of construction uses more concrete the additional cost of the concrete is less than the material and labour costs of creating a ring beam.
Proform was used instead of traditional road forms creating further cost savings. Dowel bars were placed through the concrete haunch to suspend the twin layer A393 steel mesh.